One such day

IMG_1157 - lucky

Here we go again it's one such day
The children gone away and me bereft
Yep that's the word bereft
Keening for their buoyant presence

For seven days my world it seems was filled
With bright smiles and chocolate eyes
And jokes and squabbles and tumbling streams
Of free association

With pleas and stubbornness
With loud appeals for things to do or arbitration
And now and then
Some earnest declaration

I've come to crave their crafty ways
Their raw affinity for sweets and treats
And when we walk I love it how
Their supple hands slip snugly into mine

They're only just around the corner of course
At their mum's, they're safe and sound
It's nothing to bleat about. I've had a run and tidied up the house
I've texted friends and watered plants, the radio is on...

But god I miss them now