Good and proper

IMG_1245 - Copy
She’s getting a good and proper seeing to
The unknown lady in my street who
From her bedroom nearby gasps and squeals

Last night she gasped and squealed
While I, with windows open to the summer air
Lay innocently reading on my bed

This morning, well before six
Sunlight seeping through the slatted blinds
She gasped and squealed some more

A mostly metronomic sound, and I was all ears
Especially when it stopped and then resumed
A little quicker than before

And then it stopped for longer, was passion spent?
A pregnant pause until –
The whole shebang kicked off again

Though now her gasps came deeper, slower
As she went spinning off to outer space
And this went on for fucking ages

Eventually it all sped up and ended
She crashed into an exploding galaxy or whatever
With the whole street listening in

And I wished it hadn’t been so long
Since the night my bed collapsed as Debra bucked and screamed
While all the neighbours' dogs joined in the din