Ideas that add up #214

Outside national elections, most people ignore politics altogether. In 2010 the pollsters YouGov asked US voters, “Suppose that you alone could determine whether a Democrat or a Republican represents your Congressional district by paying a specific dollar amount. How much would you be willing to pay to ensure that a Congressman from your preferred party will win the office?” The response: “55 per cent of respondents said ZERO.” Swinging an election wasn’t worth $1 to them. 

…Political apathy also demystifies [Donald] Trump’s high polling numbers. As the statistical analyst Nate Silver points out, most Americans aren’t thinking about the election. If you ask them who they would vote for – a question they hadn’t considered – many of them will name the one candidate they have heard of.

Simon Kuper, ‘Why political apathy rules’ in FT Weekend Magazine, Dec 19th, 2015

Just keeping things in perspective. 

Kuper’s conclusion: “The electorate generally just wants a leader who appears sane, which is why the Republicans almost certainly won’t nominate Trump.”

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