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Ideas that add up #211

[John Searle, in Mind] says of certain arguments offered by philosophers of the materialist school, “What they suggest is that these people are determined to try to show that our ordinary common-sense notions of the mental do not name anything … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #210

Benjamin discusses the many ways that loss of aura affects an art object: it undermines authenticity, jeopardizes the object’s authority, shatters tradition, diminishes the importance of ritual, and perhaps most important, “the quality of its presence is always depreciated”. This … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #209

There are two senses of “preservation”, and most preservationist efforts have followed the first: the preservation of things. Strawberry preserves epitomize this kind of preservation. The other sense is the preservation of process: leaving things be. Doug Peacock presents the … Continue reading

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