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Ideas that add up #200

有钱但沽酒   莫买南山田   勾引催租人   惊散青松烟  When you have money, spend it on wine / Don’t go buying land on the Southern slopes / It just invites trouble from the tax collector / Spooking even the mist from the pines by Song … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #199

Werifesteria: Leonie Bell wrote to ask about this word, which is circulating in social media. It’s said to be Old English, meaning “to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery”. Its popularity suggests that it meets an inchoate … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #198

Such [ultrasocial] traits emerge so early in our lives that they appear to be innate. By the age of 14 months, children begin to help each other, for example by handing over objects another child can’t reach. By the time they … Continue reading

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