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Ideas that add up #195

It can be surprisingly difficult to determine where to ‘aim’ your gratitude. Contemporary western culture gives the impression that we are all ‘entitled’ to the good things of life. At the same time, the ‘good things’ are implicitly and explicitly … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #194

“The most beautiful animals are happy animals,” Roeselien told Bored Panda. “I love them best when they’re totally at ease: free from pain, fear, cold, hunger or any other discomfort. . . . Of course they have their duties calling as … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #193

Why are so many of these states falling apart now and generating great floods of refugees? What internal flaws or unsustainable outside pressures do they have in common? Most of them achieved self-determination when imperial powers withdrew after the Second … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up # 192

What was the name of that village on the penultimate morning, and where was it? West of Vienna, and certainly higher; but all the other details have gone. It was Saturday; everybody was free; we drove there in two motor-cars … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #191

They scoffed when I told them I’d one day learn the secret of invisibility. If they could only see me now. Magician Pete Firman, at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival More one-liners from the festival here, including this from Darren Walsh: “My … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #190

Wilson argues that multilevel selection – both at the level of individuals and groups – has led to the creation of eusociality in ants and humans. In the simplest terms, individuals who co-operate together in groups achieve more and enhance … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #189

Populations of bacteria live in the spumes of volcanic thermal vents on the ocean floor, multiplying in water above the boiling point. And far beneath Earth’s surface, to a depth of 2 miles (3.2 km) or more, dwell the SLiMES … Continue reading

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