Ideas that add up #166

As a modern person you can ask the question: what is any symptom a self-cure for? In other words, the problems are also the solutions to something. And one would therefore be trying to reconstruct from the symptom, in this case the glass delusion, what this might be a solution to. So, if somebody walked in now and said, with real conviction, that they felt themselves to be made of glass, I’d want to know what the pleasures are of being made of glass, and what the drawbacks are.

Delusions are partly refuges. They’re places, or fancies, people can live in, as part of the attempt to get the life they want. i.e. sufficiently safe and sufficiently pleasurable…

Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on The Glass Delusion, BBC Radio 4, May 8th, 2015

Two mundane questions. If a delusion is a symptom and a symptom is a corrective or refuge – then what are we trying to correct or keep ourselves safe from with our grand, delusional story of progress and prosperity for all? And, if what society agrees to be normal is in truth a freakish swindle – then who could blame us as individuals for for slipping down a path of madness? 

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