Ideas that add up #154

As far as the main army was concerned, military operations ceased once Genghis reached the waters of the Indus. Messengers had brought news of the Khwarazm Shah’s death: his army had been decimated, and Jalal al-Din was no longer thought to be a threat. Almost as if he had suddenly had his fill of carnage, Genghis retired to pastures south of the Hindu Kush. … In Samarqand he ordered the imams to pray for him in their mosques, but was not content to stay and, in the spring of 1223, began the long journey back to Mongolia. He was apparently in no hurry, having taken up with a young and attractive young consort along the way. But it was not her charms that caused him to dawdle. He had learned that his first wife, Borte, was furious that he had taken up with a new wife; and so, as the conqueror of the world approached Mongolia, he sent forth emissaries to report on Borte’s temperament.

Robert Marshall, Storm from the East

Oh dear, Genghis. Screwed up again.

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