Ideas that add up #152

My Grandmother was born during that era. And she just gave me this way of looking at this world through a different lens, and she had this way of engaging us, and she would give me these hugs, and she’d squeeze me so tightly that I could barely breathe, and she’d let me go, and then she’d see me an hour later and she’d say: Bryan, do you still feel me hugging you? And if I said no she’d assault me again, and if I said yes then she’d leave me alone, but she had this quality that brought us to her, and she’d say you have to get close to things to really understand them…

Sentencing reform lawyer Bryan Stevenson on BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs 13/3/15

Probably shouldn’t be appropriating other people’s domestic experiences for my own memory bank, but hey, we’re all in the family of life!

Tried it out on the resident small people this weekend. Squeezed a submission out of one but the other kept saying no, between laughs, until I was worried her eyeballs were going to pop out if I hugged any tighter.  

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