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Ideas that add up #155

Anyone curious about the experiences underpinning Carrington’s wildly imaginative paintings will find some of the clues in this packed and sprawling novel. “I want to experience myself as enormous, powerful and beautiful,” she pleads with Leduc in a moment of … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #154

As far as the main army was concerned, military operations ceased once Genghis reached the waters of the Indus. Messengers had brought news of the Khwarazm Shah’s death: his army had been decimated, and Jalal al-Din was no longer thought … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #153

…Western Buddhism, this pop-cultural phenomenon preaching inner distance and indifference in the face of the frantic pace of market competition, is arguably the most efficient way, for us, to fully participate in capitalist dynamics while retaining the appearance of mental … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #152

My Grandmother was born during that era. And she just gave me this way of looking at this world through a different lens, and she had this way of engaging us, and she would give me these hugs, and she’d … Continue reading

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Ideas that add up #151

The essential point, constantly in Cao Cao’s mind and in the thoughts of his more astute companions, was that while a reputation for open dealing was desirable, it could not be gained by excessive informality or loss of dignity. That … Continue reading

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