Ideas that add up #95

I learned from last week’s issue of Nature that each of us has acquired a new line in our celestial address. We’re not just of Earth, or of the Solar System, but of Laniakea. Brent Tully and his colleagues at the University of Hawaii have given this name to the supercluster of about 100,000 galaxies to which our galaxy, the Milky Way, belongs. The team took the name from the Hawaiian words lani, heaven, and akea, spacious or immeasurable.

Michael Quinion, World Wide Words

Laniakea. Beautiful – in sound and in translation.

How cool – and how typical of us – that we’ve named the galactic supercluster through which our humble Milky Way (itself a galaxy of 200-400 billion suns) carves a path. How pleasing that it was done poetically.

Hawaiian should be used more widely in Outer Space.

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