Ideas that add up #54

Everyone in Germany knows the voice of ‘Robert de Niro’, for example, and knows also whose actual voice it is — that of Christian Brückner, a prize-winning star among audio-book readers too, nicknamed ‘The Voice’ in the German-language media press. Meryl Streep’s German voice is that of Dagmar Dempe, for all her films; Gabriel Byrne has been voiced by Klaus-Dieter Klebsch throughout his career since 1981. German cinema-goers would be discombobulated if Russell Crowe, in his next blockbuster appearance, didn’t have the voice that is really his — that of Thomas Fritsch. … In this respect as in others, English-speakers find in the language culture of almost any other country a truly foreign land.

David Bellos in Is that a Fish in Your Ear? Translation and the Meaning of Everything

Silly Saturday. Dubmasters. Discombobulation. Nothing to add.

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