Ideas that add up #26

Life is a process of continually realizing what a twerp you used to be.

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Silly Saturday again. But for real too. Honest.

The version of this I saw was in Chinese, it read: 生活是個不斷發現自己以前是個傻蛋的過程. I’m still wondering about the best way to translate 傻蛋, made up of lexical units that could be rendered in English as “silly” + “egg”, the suffix “egg” being a mild all-purpose pejorative in Mandarin. Idiot, fool etc are the stereotypical bilingual-dictionary offerings which have to be avoided. Sillyhead better, unless a shade too adorable. Twerp I’ve ventured above because it’s inoffensive in the way I think Silly Egg is intended in Mandarin, but still has a bit of twang to it. However, twerp is Dennis-the-Menace quaint. There are sharper vernacular alternatives but I’m not certain how far the original strays into the territory of prat, dork, twat, plonker — to pick just a few favourites from the sociolinguistic subgroup I came of age in. Wally? Nincompoop? Recognize myself in those, though not as recently as yesterday I hope. Gobshite? Dickhead? Easy now. Misguided, gormless tosspot? ‘Fraid so. Berk?…Berk! That’s it!

Life is a process of continually realizing what a berk you used to be.

It’s reassuring that someone else out there has deep reservations about the credibility of their younger selves. Dismaying to think this is a still-unscrolling process.

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2 Responses to Ideas that add up #26

  1. amba says:

    🙂 isn’t it just so wonderful to feel oneself getting wiser and wiser!? (well, occasionally the opposite happened on me tho, that I can’t believe I still act like a silly head from time to time, ah life, such a balancing act! 🙂 )

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