Ideas that add up #12

Ideas that add up #12

You’re telling me my plan! I know what my plan is, I thought up the plan!! It’s MY PLAN!!!

Emperor Zurg in feature-length cartoon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

This is a Silly Saturday sort of selection, just happens to have been bouncing around in my head today.

Zurg is evil incarnate, a Darth-Vaderish figure with a booming electronic voice who makes pompous pronouncements about his universe-subjugating projects while bemoaning the hopeless ineptitude of his underlings. He is heartless, vain, and ridiculous through and through. On this occasion a quivering minion is briefing him from a clipboard on plans for deploying a powerful new tool for interplanetary mind-control. Zurg cuts him off impatiently, with mounting rage and perfect petulance.

My inner evil emperor empathizes.


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