Didn’t make it

Saturday: picnic in Bute Park under an overcast though not dark sky. Distracted by the unpleasant antics of drunk delinquents sitting within the stone circle nearby. This at midday.

They were tormenting a comrade who was laid out on the grass, immobile and all but comatose. One tossed a stick onto him. Another pummelled him around the head with a plastic bottle. Another urinated on his legs. The man responded once, but barely. You walked over to check. He was alive and did appear to be sleeping off drink.

The look of menace and defeat in the faces of the others was chilling.

After the picnic, a movie: Arietty. From Studio Ghibli, those brilliant animators behind Totoro. As good, in a quiet way, as anything they have done. The story is taken from The Borrowers — tiny people who inhabit hidden crannies of the house and live off what humans discard or will not notice missing.

Chapter for dinner. A late bedtime for all.


in the road, a fledgling

who didn’t make it

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