Good cheer

The day soured by an encounter at close quarters with a toxic individual from the the past. A bullying delusional character who the organization has failed to dismiss after months of trying. Now the waves have thrown him ashore to work on the same programme as you.

May the Flying Spaghetti Monster give you strength!

The day ended with a prolonged empty-stomachs reunion drink for several dozen of you from an earlier organization of which you were a part, made defunct five years ago. That same delusional character in attendance. Unwelcome and probably uninvited.

You abandoned a final pint of cider on the bar, barely touched, and walked home through a restorative drizzle. Pedestrianized streets at the city centre alive with boisterous groups, clustered outside bars or on the move from venue to venue. Many in fancy dress: superheroes and men dressed as women. The ambience at 11pm: loud and still good-humoured.

A night of

good cheer (but what’s that guy

doing here?)

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