A single fat drop

Possibly nodded off again during an afternoon workshop in which you were taking no constructive part. But it would have been noticed. You were beside the flipchart with a marker pen, recording the fruits of the discussion.

Glorious full-on blue sky start to the day. Muggy downpour at noon. Fine again for the ride home.

A curve in one path feeds into the straight of another path. You’re on the curve approaching the junction. Another cyclist, legs pumping, is heading up the straight towards that same point. The trail and all known bikers follow the curve around the playing field rather than taking the straight to nowhere in particular. You assume this guy is one of all known bikers. He will pass on your right shoulder, banking into the curve at the same moment that you bank into the straight. Wrong. Without a break in momentum you hit the straight at the moment he’s due to steam directly across your path. You jam the brakes and he slews onto the grass. He’s past.

In the same moment both of you call out a cheery “Sorry!” Tolerance and camaraderie, one of the treats of the trail.

So different had you been in cars.


Summer rain

a single fat drop

on your scalp

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