Sunday: another day of randomly alternating sun and showers. Big winds blowing noisily through the boughs, all manner of cloud shapes scudding.

On two bikes the clan trailed south along the Taff to the farmers’ market at Riverside. Returned with a few minor treats: GF hamburger meat, bread, cox and bramleys apple juice. The kids asleep as you crossed the last streets of Pontcanna before home. N resting her cheek against mama’s back. I slumped down in his childseat like a codger in a gentleman’s club after whisky and cigars.

Delighted to find, late afternoon, that the risotto recipe you were due to follow required a third of a bottle of white wine. Nothing for it but to bike over to Tesco Extra in Canton for a chilled Pinot Grigio. Necked the other two thirds as you stirred stock into the arborio rice.

Books unread

and unreread

lines of ’em

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