Outline of a horse

Everyone, almost literally, arrives and departs from the collection of buildings that make up the dapper little business park, by car. Thirty or so in your building alone. Maybe 150 in the whole park. One car per person. Sometimes a collection of colleagues from the main office arrives at your floor for a meeting, then goes back to their own office, all transported individually by car.

At lunch you step out into the brisk clear air. Your eyes lap up the view of sunlit uplands. Silvery light on slickly moving blocks of cloud. One major slab of rising terrain two or three miles to the south. A variety of prey animals clearly visible though tiny at this distance, cropping the tree-dotted slope. A line of hedge or dry-stone wall separates the green pasture from brownish threadbare scrubland along the crown of the ridge.

The potential of this awesome geological mass. It would take a matter of hours to approach, climb and cross. You feel the accomplishment just looking. But the local town is just the other side, reached around the margins of the ridge, less than ten minutes and a couple of roundabouts away by road.


Long legs neck sloped

to the grass, from miles away

the outline of a horse

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