Just like that the river walk is a corridor of green. Smells green too: mowers working the pitch of Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

The pair of swans downstream of the footbridge seems to have been reduced to a single swan, the smaller of the two. You see her breasting the shallow water, pausing to crop whatever it is she takes from the riverbed. Upstream, the other couple continue their campaign of intimidation. You’ve seen it three times now — wings erect and arched they steam downstream, all purpose and battlestations. With 50 yards or so to go, one then the other launches heavily into the air, necks stretched forward like artillery barrels, wingtips beating the water. The target swan heads downstream. The pursuers ski back onto the surface of the river having made their point, or else the pursued takes to the air and is chased for a further hundred yards or so.



on the grass, on the branches

cotton froth

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