Vegetable mineral and human

Another day of induction into the arcana of government process.

This should be among the most boring experiences of your life. But you’re perversely excited. Peering under the hood into the machinery of the modern state. Stained and corroded components bolted together over time. Accessories rendered redundant by later add-ons. Knocking sounds from the engine. And at its heart — nothing. No sinister master of the labyrinth. No-one with a full view of what goes on how where and why.  

Just had time to notice the top and tail ends of a magnificent Spring day. Morning: the playing fields a green sea of glittering dew. Late afternoon: daffodil meadows and blossom-littered lawns dotted with dozens of the natives sitting, picnicking, lobbing rugby balls.

You kick a pink ball around the yard with Jiejie before twilight while Didi stomps in wellies randomly spraying objects, vegetable mineral and human, from the recently mastered watering bottle.  




’nuff said

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