Too quick off the mark yesterday making optimistic noises about the advent of Spring. Blustery this morning. Wind gathering in skeletal tree tops. A mournful, lifeless sound. Louder and louder like a train bearing down on you.  

However, moments of justifiable optimism at  work. The project is gaining focus. The material you’ve been reading is opening your eyes to some of what is and isn’t possible in this organization at this time.

Old friend “rocket science” made an appearance today. Yesterday too. One of these meetings you’re going to feel the words rising through your thorax, hear them exiting from your mouth before you can put the brakes on. That’s the day you gain full membership in the waffle tribe.

N still under the weather and off school. Taking a while to get her appetite back.


March wind stoops

trees and chills the soul:

it’s winter still

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