Cat, scorned

Deposited N at nursery, crossed at the lights and followed the gentle arc of the road east tending south, head-on into the blinding fury of the freshly risen sun. Its dazzle multiplied by sheets of white-gold light reflecting off parked cars and off the rain-slicked tarmac. Almost impossible to see traffic or people coming towards you.

Shielding your eyes you backtracked a few steps, activated the phone camera and fired off a couple of digital snaps. Found something pressing against the calf of your leg, moving…the shaggy ginger cat that watches over this stretch of road. You bent down and let her nuzzle your knuckle for a few moments. Gave her an itch-relieving scrape behind one ear, then straightened up and moved on. Couldn’t resist a look back over your shoulder. The cat still there in the middle of the sidewalk, poised awkwardly as if she had forgotten what she came for. Looking every inch a cat scorned.


You leave her standing

staring into space, whisking

an indignant tail 

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