Whirling dervish

Good news in the morning: a three-month job lined up from January. Still working on applications for long-term posts.

Slogged down the hill late afternoon for the obligatory trawl through Toys R Us and Argos to do your bit for world peace and the spirit of seasonal goodwill. Or rather, to acquire for your offspring a load of brightly coloured plastic tat in oversized packaging so as to imbue them with insatiable consumer longing for…more. 

Toys was truly a Stepford/Walmart/all-plastic hell. But cheap! Argos cheap too. And reminiscent of a betting shop with a makeover. You got the bus back up the hill, jamming your way with embarrassment among rush-hour standing passengers while lugging several too-large bags of sharp-cornered boxes.

Nothing felt good about this outing. Except that when you clicked together the plastic pine tree after dinner and flicked on the fairy lights, Jiejie literally bounced for joy while Didi began impersonating a whirling dervish.


Warmed by

coloured dots of light and a pine shape:


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