Anxious dreams

Considerably less crocked after 18 hours sleep and a few aspirin. S took the tots to a playgroup down the hill in the morning, to their delight. You shuffled electronic paper on the laptop.

Nature observed: a daily visitor to the garden, the enormous grey cat with fur as thick as shag pile, stalked suburban wildlife through the branches and brambles.

For the rest of the day birds came and went on the soggy lawn. A squirrel on the other side of the glass door, with a large nut clamped in his jaws, eyeballed you for a few moments from one half of his head then sprung forward a pace and burrowed furiously through fir twigs and wet leaves for something he was sure was there when he last looked.

Past 4.30 pm you strolled out into the dark. At the Western horizon two bars of sunset, a gaseous mix of orange and purple, were compressed there as night closed down around them. You came back from the village shop with a small bunch of bananas and a fresh haul of satsumas to feed N’s addiction.

Nana arrives for dinner. New books and an old ball for the boisterous boy and girl.


Anxious dreams

of unfilled boxes, missed flights

and people let down

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