Drizzly, but a fine day for the children and for Yeye and Nainai especially. A Halloween festivity at playschool in the morning. N, her classmates, all the staff dressed for the occasion. Trick or treating around the premises for the children, with a song and dance to entertain the assembled family groupies. Didi mucking in with the hard work of unwrapping and consuming treats before anyone else was allowed to. Making himself instantly at home as if a bona fide playschool child, but no obligation to observe the rules.

An outing to the hotsprings at Wulai in the afternoon. The stream in the ravine was today a thundering torrent. A racing mass of water the colour of muddy jade. Immediately in front of the hottub balcony the water careened, with the sound of an endlessly collapsing building, over an edge formed by the few remaining visible boulders. Below, a gurning mass of crests and foam, accelerating downstream and out of view around the bend. 

Millet wine and bamboo rice in the Atayal restaurant. The narrow shopping street glowing prettily in the night. All manner of traditional edibles and knicknacks for sale from open-fronted stores and stalls. 

Waiting for the bus at a peaceful lookout alongside the main river, with a view back across the valley and to the hills beyond. Sodium streetlamps and clusters of electric light at random spots above the village. Illuminating stray wafts of mist on the mountainside. Intensifying the deep black of the jungled slopes and starless sky.


Dark hillsides.

Yellowish light clustered

Here and there

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