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One of those mornings where it was difficult to get out of the door for presence of screaming banshees and demonically possessed beings — but little pink shoes were ultimately velcro-buckled into place, cuddles and air-kissed mwahs! exchanged, farewells were bid, and the road was attained. Only 5 mins late to playschool after all that.

Finished a Lexicon of Doublespeak entry at the library in the morning, and in the afternoon and evening figured out how to begin posting these things as nested pages on the blog. And how to hyperlink between pages: here it is.

Your Sunzi treatment is going to have to see the light of day in the same way. Load it onto the blog by increments and let it fight for itself.

In fleeting moments it begins to seem the tiniest bit improbable. Finishing Sunzi, crossing continents, slotting neatly into a job, getting out of here in one big happy family piece…



look on the bright, si-ide of life


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