Up in the air

Two birds high high up in the hazy blue this morning, poised like pursuit cyclists at the start of the final lap, watching each other over their shoulders as they balance and turn, egging the other to take the lead.

Imagined them enviously looking down on you and a little girl worming your way along a sun-baked lane between the houses, wishing they could enjoy the freedom to patrol at leisure on solid earth, sensing the texture of the ground and the contours of the terrain and heading in any direction — left or right! north or south! — that the fancy takes. How it could have been if they hadn’t been banished from such pleasures by the wretched creepings of cats and other perils.

In the evening you watched the DVD of a George Clooney film called Up in the Air, his character a committed corporate road warrior spending most of the year on and off airplanes, in and out of airports and hotels. Reminded you strongly of people you worked with and aspects of your own life during that phase. A sometimes sterile and soul-sapping experience but addictive in its way.


Up in the air.

How wonderful to be

Down there

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